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By making progress through play, OT can help! We help your child find joy; living the best possible life!
All About Kids Occupational Therapy joins with you in helping your child succeed, your family flourish. Occupational Therapists at All About Kids Occupational Therapy are specialists, using a holistic approach in directly helping your child, as well as supporting you and others who are a part of your child’s life. As your child’s daily life become full of success, they develop strong self-esteem and improved ability to learn and play.

We serve children with a vast array of diagnoses. We can strengthen your child’s participation in:
~sensory processing ability; level of sensitivity and response to their sensory world
~eye hand coordination
~visual perception
~ability to join in happy mealtimes
~ability to remain calm and attentive
~daily living skills
~social engagement and positive behaviors
~sensory-motor and behavior skills following trauma
~movement, balance and coordination
~executive functioning and attention
~developing flexible organizing, planning and sequencing skills
We are trained in a range of interventions, using a combination of fun and innovative tools to further your child’s development. We are constantly learning new interventions supported by research. Examples include; movement and muscle tone intervention(NDT), Sensory Intervention(SI), Listening Programs(TL), Neurosensormotor Reflex Integration(NMRI), Floortime(DIR), Feeding Intervention (SOS program)

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